Kazina palace - Academy of music

Year of construction: 2022
Investor: University of Ljubljana
Location: Ljubljana
Photo: Dragan Arrigler

Complete renovation of the palace and associated areas for the purpose of musical and artistic activities as well as other activities of the Academy of Music, ensuring appropriate acoustic conditions in terms of both building and spatial acoustics. Complex renovation, investment, maintenance, restoration and GOI works of the listed building, including reinforcement of the basement walls, renovation of the existing wooden ceiling structures and vaulted ceilings, reinforcement of the existing walls, a new AB horizontal bond as a base for the new steel roof structure, and renovation of the ceiling above the large hall, have enabled the integration of the building as a whole and the presentation of its quality elements, which is considered to be one of the few surviving multi-purpose public palaces built in the past years. The most representative part of the renovation process is the large hall, where the original ceiling painting has been preserved and the original design and colour scheme restored.

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